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Let's overcome children's death from poverty 


Why did I found Beangel?

Hello! My name is Ivan Kharlampov and the Beangel project is the result of my protracted existential crisis. For a long time, I could not find an answer to the question “Why do I live?”. This state became terribly disgusting to me after I read the book "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man", in which I closely learned about number 20 000. This number about how many people die from hunger and poverty every day. Do you agree that in the 21st century this is unacceptable? I am doing Beangel to leave it in the past, along with other organizations. Are you with me?

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(On the photo - two girls-sisters, whom I met in the Indian village Hampi. They live under what I call "four sticks wrapped in oilcloth" along with their mother and little baby.)

The best you can give him is health and opportunity to get education

Fishing pole, remember?


What are we doing?

Now we understand that we haven't right not to use each dollar as efficiently as possible. After all, helping someone is always not helping someone else. There are a lot of programs that giving help in the world, but only a few of them accomplish really visible results, which are confirmed by researches of companies such as GiveWell and others. To such programs we send 90% of the money we collected.

For the remaining 10%, we organize "Days of Happiness" in African schools. We bring papers, colored pencils, paints and brushes to each school so that children can draw. Just few of them used to draw with colored pencils, and even more less with paints. And it is a really great joy for them! We also show movies about Africa and the success stories of their compatriots, to entertain and more importantly - to inspire them!

We know how to spend every dollar so as to save as many lives as possible or significantly improve them

The most effective programs

according to GiveWell research


Malaria Consortium

Treatment to prevent malaria in children in sub-Saharan Africa.
Malaria is one of the leading killers of children in Africa. Seasonal malaria chemoprevention programs substantially reduce cases of malaria.


Evidence Action's Deworm the World Initiative

Supporting deworming programs in low-income countries.
The Deworm the World Initiative supports government-run deworming programs. It has a strong track record of starting and scaling up deworming programs.


Helen Keller International

Vitamin supplementation to prevent child mortality in sub-Saharan Africa.
Helen Keller International supports government-run vitamin A supplementation (VAS) programs. There is strong evidence that VAS programs reduce child mortality.



Distributing cash to very poor individuals in Kenya and Uganda.
Directly transferring money to poor individuals allows them to purchase that which they believe will help them most. Strong evidence indicates that cash transfers lead recipients to spend more on their basic needs.

How it all began

I arrived in Arusha in mid-July. This is a city in northern Tanzania, near the border with Kenya, Kilimanjaro volcano, Tarangiri and Serengeti national parks. Before that, I bought 3 laptops in Ukraine to build a computer class in Africa. I wanted to give children the opportunity to learn programming so later they could make money. Give a fishing pole, not a fish.


There I was faced with the fact that almost no one knows how to use a computer. Neither children nor adults. It seems like it’s obvious, but it’s very unusual to face it in live. It was much more difficult for children aged 14 and over to learn a computer than for small children who poked everything in a row - they got it much faster. And so they became the main visitors of my computer class, where we learned how to type, make simple programs in Scratch and play educational games.

Over time, a lot of children knew about computer class. It got to the point that in the evenings there was no place in the classroom where anyone would not stand or sit on a chair. Up to 8 children could manage to watch one computer. Then I realized that 3 laptops for so many children is practically nothing, I decided to organize fundraising and raise money for additional laptops and a projector.


We arranged a drawing day at school and asked the children to draw their dream (many of them didn’t understand and painted what they wanted :), then we photographed the children with their drawings and organized auction to buy laptops and a projector for them (many children have not seen cartoons or films). As a result, we managed to raise $2130. Largely due to the fact that I described my everyday life on Facebook.

With the collected money, we bought another 6 laptops and a projector for computer class. And I dont know what is more important: the fact that children will be able to connect their lives with IT or how much joy it brought and will bring to them! We also helped two schools with stationery (chalk, pens, notebooks, pencils, etc.) and textbooks. Carried electricity to these schools and bought them a laptop for administrative tasks. It has changed my life and I'm not going to stop!


Thank you!

This is only part of those people who supported us and agreed to publish photos

With the drawing we want to show that the child is literally in your hands, and not in another world

Want to get a hand-drawn postcard from children?

Just leave your post address in the "Message" field and wait for amazing postcard ;)

Children will be happy to get a postcard from you

Please try to use easy English so they're able to understand your card without our help :)
You can write about whatever you want, but I think they would be particularly glad to know of the popular hobbies and traditions of the place you're from, and they're also interested in sports and pets.
About the picture, a regular landscape/city postcard would be perfect since we put them on a giant world map.
Also, if you have a question about Tanzania or something that you want to check is true feel free to ask! They will be proud to be asked about something: they're young and have no perspective so they tend to think nobody's interested in Tanzania. We will give you the answer on the email, and your question may well entail a heated debate in the classroom to agree on a common answer ;) so that'd be interesting.

You can send postcard on this address:
Marko Silas
Moyoni Lodge \ Ilboru

And you are always weclome to come here! Just let us know ;)

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